Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to setup a custom FortiClient install.

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how you should setup a custom Forticlient install for your users and include some example scripts to help you along.

1. Log into the Fortinet Support site and download the latest .zip package of Forticlient.

[Note that the install packages with _FG in the filename are for uploading directly to the Fortigate only.]

See [LINK] for Readme.txt explanation of different install packages.

2. Unzip contents.

3. Install Forticlient.msi to a clean system/PC. Then proceed to configure the client as you would like it configured for your end-users.

[When installing; make sure to install only the components that you would like installed for your users as well. This will make the rest of the process a little simpler.]

See [LINK] for a sample FortiClient configuration.

4. Create a folder with a simple filename like "forticlient" in the root of C:\ and copy FCRepackager.exe and Forticlient MSI to it.

FCRepackager.exe can be found in FortiClientSetup_3.0.606\tools.

[Make sure you read FCRepackager_Readme.txt for all available switches and options.]

5. Run c:\forticlient\FCRepackager.exe -i AV,VPN,FW,WF -L p@ssw0rd -v at a DOS prompt.

This command string is executing the following:

Components installed:

Admin password = p@ssw0rd

Verbose Output:

This process creates the FortiClient.mst file which is required in the next steps. Make sure you place in the same folder as FortiClient.msi if it is not already located there.

6. Scripting the install.

A) To install Forticlient off of a network drive I like to use this little 2 part batch script.

[Make sure that move Forticlient.msi, FortiClient.mst and the scripts into the same folder on the server. In this case it is \\xSERVERx\FortiClient\MR7_Default_Install\.]

@echo off
TITLE Forticlient MR7 Patch3 Default Install


net use v: \\xSERVERx\FortiClient\MR7_Default_Install

echo This is a silent install.......
echo You will be prompted when finished.

xcopy v:\*.* C:\Forticlient\*.* /F /Y

echo I mapped the install folder to V:\ and copied all of the contents to c:\Forticlient.
echo Another script will start and you will lose your connection to your network drives. Sorry.....

call c:\Forticlient\step2.bat

net use v: /delete

echo V:\ drive removed
echo Goodbye


@echo off
TITLE Forticlient MR7 Default Install [PART 2]

echo ......Installing..... Please Wait......

start /wait msiexec /i c:\Forticlient\FortiClient.msi TRANSFORMS=c:\Forticlient\FortiClient.mst /qn+


echo done


B) To script a local install just recycle step2.bat from above. Just make sure that all of your files are in c:\forticlient.


Sebastian said...

By the way, as of FortiClient 5.0.5 the repackager now requires a license.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for installation guide for Forticlient.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for your job.Cool installation guide and manual for Forticlient.
It works good.

Martin said...

Wow, could this be any more complicated? Why not providing standardized custom parameters within the MSI rather than forcing admins to use a crappy repackaging tool..

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